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Yea...I'm really going to try and update this more. Seriously. yo. 


 I beat Eternal Sonata a few days ago. Crazy shit, I'm still confused. D: 

 Birthday in about a month...soon I will legally be able to smoke and look at porn. Hoo-ray 8D



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Yeeahh so I went to Otakon for Saturday. ~ 

 I was one of the girls with the fantastic Sango cosplayer, Gina. xD The one with the black t shirt. 

 It was my first con, I had fun. I liked the Masquerade, we had really good seats. I want to ride my chocobo! 

 I...should probably pimp this journal more, even though I never use it.
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Blah blah I'm such a boring person. I never really update this thing much.

 Finally finished my insurence stuff, so now I am officially a driver. Go me. 

 Re-watching some Ouran Highschool Host Club. I love Tamaki, such a goober. 

 And Dolle, webcomic, is going loverly. I'm always excited to do pages for it. 

 Graduating in a month! Hoboy.
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Yup. Anotha kinda useless sorta update. 8D Just for fuuuunnnnn. 

Wow three days off cuz of snow. That's crazy. 

Especially when I gotta shovel it. UAGH.
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Duhuhur FF

 Wow I havn't bothered to update this in like forever. I probably should. 


 But yeah yum FFXII. Balthier and Fran ;o; <3

 It definately makes me feel better after hearing something from my dad I probably wasn't supposed to hear. Man, he acts like his family is horrible. ( the IMMEDIATE FAMILY WITH MY MOM AND BROTHER AND ME) Gad. If he hates us that much he shouldn't of married and had damned kids.

 The whole rest of my long weekend's totally bummed. Besides FFXII of course.

 Sorry kinda...emo ranted. 8D; My bad.

 I'll try n post doodles later.